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среда, 19 мая 2010 г.

Настройка MOSS 2010 - учетные записи

Настройка учетных записей при установке Sharepoint 2010
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Active Directory required accounts

It is strongly recommended to create domain accounts and use them as service accounts. You need to create at least the following accounts in Active Directory:

Account type Account name
SQL Service sqlSvcAcc
Setup Admin spAdmin
Farm Account spFarmAcc

Additionally you should create for every service a separate service account in order to meet least-privilege security best practice*. (cool phrase isn’t it? ;)

Account type Account name
Application Pool Account
Application Pool Account for BDC Service Application spAppPoolBDCAcc
Application Pool Account for Excel Service Application spAppPoolEXCELAcc
Application Pool Account for PowerPoint Service Application spAppPoolPPTAcc
Application Pool Account for Word Service Application spAppPoolWORDAcc
SharePoint Foundation Search Service Account spfSearchSvc
SharePoint Foundation Search Content Access Account spfSearchCAAcc
more to come...

* You should give a service account only the permissions needed by the service to work properly. E.g. the content access account only needs read permissions. Using the SharePoint Farm Account which is member of the farm administrators group as the content access account isn’t the thing I would do.